Role And Action

The aims of the Association, which exclude any profit objectives, are to ensure the practice of remembrance and to maintain the memory of and respect due to those who died for their country; for the combatants, the political prisoners, the members of the Resistance Movement and all those who have been decorated for their role in the war.

Disregarding political competition, linguistic, philosophical or religious questions, the Association aims to ensure the maintenance of peace by respecting the supreme authority of each nation and the undeniable rights of International morality.

The Association aims to raise the national education of the Belgian youth in developing a sense of honour and solidarity; to create senses of solidarity in honour of the non combatants who rank with combatants, together with their various members’ categories.

The Association will be interested in all big social problems, the solutions to which are of vital interest for the Belgian nation, and interested in the big international issues, for the purpose of ensuring the maintenance of peace between nations.