TITRATE I: Name – seat – goal – duration

Article 1

Association takes the denomination of “Elf November – November Eleven” National Royal Federation War veterans – Resistant, their descendants and sympathizers, in summary vzw “Elf November – November Eleven” asbl.
Association gathers war veterans, resistant, their descendants and sympathizers having patriotic feelings.

Article 2

The seat of association is located in the legislative district of Leuven (Leuwen) with 3600 Bertem, Kerkstraat 5. All the parts prescribed by the law on the asbl are deposited in the file held by the Clerk’s office of Tibunal de Commerce of the legislative district mentioned above. The board of directors to the capacity to transfer the seat in another place or locality from the country.

Article 3

Par. 1. The purpose of association is, other than any lucrative goal, to ensure the worship of the memory by maintaining the respect due to died for the fatherland, the invalids, the combatants, the political prisoners, resistant and all decorated for acts of war. While deviating from the electoral political competitions and the linguistic questions, philosophical or nuns to ensure the maintenance of peace by the respect of the sovereignty of each people and the undeniable rights of international morals. To raise state education of Belgian youth by developing the direction of the honor and solidarity. To create services of solidarity for its members. To defend the rights (born facts of the war) of the war veterans 14 and 40 and comparable as well as its various categories of members.
Association will be able to be interested in all the major social problems whose situation has an vital interest for the Belgian Fatherland, or in the major international problems, having for goal to ensure the maintenance of peace between the nations.

Par. 2. Association can deploy all activities which directly or indirectly can bring the realization of the not-lucrative ideal goals, including complementary and lucrative activities within the legally authorized limits and whose profits will from time immemorial be indicated with the realization of the not-lucrative ideal goal.

Article 4

Association is made up for one period unlimited; it can in any time being dissolved


Article 5

Association is made up aggregate associated members and members. The associated members only have the right to vote at the general meetings. The number of members is unlimited but must include/understand a minimum of three.

Artcle 6

Perhaps member of the ssociation any natural person or right which is accepted like such by the board of directors. At the time of his decision, the board of directors will be held with the regulations such as recoveries in the internal payment. The applications to join will be addressed to the board of directors in writing by mentioning the name, first names and addresses, or if it is about a legal entity the name, the civil condition and the address of the head office of the applicant and by mentioning the reasons of his desire of affiliation.
The board of directors will make his decision endéans the three months of the request and will formulate his written answer. If the affiliation is refused, the board of directors will give the reason of it to the applicant. One will be able to make call at the time of the next general meeting. This call will have to be given to the board of directors endéans the month following the communication of the refusal.

Article 7.

The affiliation ends in cause of death, voluntary resignation, of exclusion, not followed of the conditions of affiliation. Each member can leave association by introducing his resignation near the board of directors. The exclusion of a member is done by the general meeting in accordance with the legal procedure envisaged.

Article 8

The members are not obliged to contribute but can pour a gift or going up voluntarily. The outgoing or excluded member, or the heirs to a member deceased do not have any right on the funds of a company. They can voluntarily claim neither amounts nor contributions poured.

Article 9

The members are not to in no case responsible personally for the obligations of association.

CONTAIN III: General meeting

Article 10

The general meeting is made up of all the members of association. A member fear of being made replace by another member.

Article 11

Par. 1. Only the general meeting with the competence of:

  • to amend
  • to name and relieve of the administrators
  • to approve the accounts and the budgets
  • to voluntarily dissolve association
    to exclude from the members
  • to name or relieve the police chiefs and to determine their remuneration in the case or a remuneration is granted
  • to discharge the administrators and police chiefs

Par. 2. The payments of an interior nature S established and modified by the general meeting.

Article 12

Par. 1. Each year a standard general meeting is held after the end of the financial year and at the latest during March for the appobration of the accounts of the past year and the budget of the following year.

Par. 2. An extraordinary general assembly is held with each time the circumstances require it and with the case or a fifth of the members formulates the request of it.

Article 13

The convocations at the general meeting must be done in writing at least eight days in advance. They can valblement be made only if they are signed by the president, two administrators or a fifth of the members. All members
must be convened. The convocation must mention the day, the hour and the place of the meeting, as well as the diary.

Article 14

The general meeting is chaired by the chairman of the board or in her absence by oldest of the administrators, unless a simple majority indicates another administrator. The president appoints the secretary.

Article 15

Par. 1. In the cases ordinary it is the general meeting which decides by simple majority of voice whatever the number of attending members or represented. Decisions concerning the modification of the statutes, the exlusion of members or the voluntary dissolution of association, can however be taken only if the conditions determined by the definitions concerning the law of the asbl are taken into account.
Each attending member or represented has a voice. In the event of suspension of voice, it is that of the president who is dominating.

Article 16

An official report of each meeting is established and which will have to be approved during the next meeting. It is signed by the president and the secretary and is preserved in a register which perhaps examined by the members. Certified copies of these minutes approved by the president or two administrators will be given to the interested parties.

CONTAIN IV – Administration – Board of directors

Article 17

Association is managed by a board of directors made up of a minimum of three administrators. The administrators are named by the general meeting by a simple majority of the voices for one two years period. Their mandate ends in the annual meeting closure. The administrators are re-eligible. The adminsitrateurs exercise their mandate gratuitememnt.

Article 18

The administrators can be relieved constantly by the general meeting by simple majority of the votes. Each member of the board of directors can also introduce his written resignation with the chairman of the board.
An administrator is obliged to continue the achievement of his mandate until the reasonable moment or its replacement is realizable.

Article 19

If, for some reason, the number of administrators is résuit with three, the remaining administrators are obliged to organize a general meeting in order to provide for the nomination with new administrators. Hitherto they exert their prerogatives of the board of directors and of it are personally responsible.

Article 20

Par. 1. The administrators choose to between-them a president, a vice-president, a secretary and a treasurer.

Par. 2. The council meets on convocation of the president or by two administrators. The convocation includes/understands the diary, bench possibly after consultation of the other administrators.

Par. 3. An administrator can give written procuration to another administrator.

Par. 4. The council meets automatically only so at least half of the administrators present or is represented. If this quota is not reached, a new council perhaps convened with the same diary and will aurra right of decision so at least two administrators present or are represented.
The meetings are chaired by the president or, in the event of his absence, by oldest of the administrators present. All the decisions are made by simple majority or, in the event of parity of voice, by the voice of the president.

Par. 5. An official report of each meeting is established and which will be approved during the next meeting. It is signed by the president and the secretary and is consigned in a register. Certified copies can validly be signed by the president or two administrators.

Article 21

Par. 1. The board of directors represents like jurisdiction association in any act and straight. He represents association by the majority of his members. It acts like applicant or defendant, in all causes and decides if it is necessary or not to have a legal remedy. It with the capacity to contract, without exception of being able and provision, including it to have as well movable as real, to mortgage, lend and borrow, for some time as it is, of any commercial action or banking, to cease mortgages.

Par. 2. Without reduction in the competence of general representation of the board of directors like college, association is represented automatically also by two administrators acting in concert.

Article 22

The board of directors fear of naming agents.
Only procurations special or limited for some, or a sésrie of judicial documents are authorized.
The agents urge association within the limits to be able to them. These limits are used for the objections with respect to the thirds in accordance with their mandate.

Article 23

Par. 1. The board of directors can designate one or more his members to carry out management jounalière.

Par. 2. If this possibility is used it should be specified if these people only act or in college and this as well for management day laborer of an internal nature as external

Par. 3. In accordance with the law asbl, the people in charge of management day laborer cannot make decisions or act legally with regard to the representation of association within the framework of management day laborer, at the time of transactions which exceed the 1.500,00 euro without the authorization of two administrators.
This limitation of competence cannot make objection with respect to third, even not if they were published.
The nonobservance by what precedes can involve the internal responsibility for the representatives concerned.

Par. 4. In the absence of the legal description of what comprises management day laborer, are regarded as daily acts all actions which must be done day after day to ensure the good performance of association.
Except if they are less important or by need for a decision to take, the intervention of the board of directors proves not to be necessary.

TITRATE V: Accounts and budget

Article 24

The annual exercise court from January 1st to December 31st.
Each year the board of directors submits to the general meeting the accounts of the past exercise.
The council notes the accounts of the past year and draws up the budget of the year to come.
Both are subjected to the approval of the general meeting.

CONTAIN VI: Dissolution and payment

Article 25

Except the cases of dissolution judicaire or dissolution of right, it cannot be concluded to dissolve by the general meeting in accordance with the statutes and of the law concerning the asbl.
In the decree of dissolution one or more curators are indicated

Article 26

Par. 1. In the event of dissolution, the assets of the company remaining, after purification of the debts and the loads, will be versed with a work having the same goal that association and to choose by the general meeting.

Par. 2. At the time of the choice of the destination, the curators and the general meeting must take account of the goal and principles of this association and indicate these conditions to the recipient.
To in no case the credits could not be granted at members or former members, unless it is about an association having the same goal only dissolved association.

Article 27

For all that is not regulated explicitly in these statutes, it is the law on the asbl or the legislation which would replace this law after the foundation of the association which is of application.